Developing Civic Scientist Leaders

Program created by Dr. Kirstin Matthews & Melody Tan (Spring 2020)

Program description

Ongoing pressure to curb federal government spending, including funding for scientific research, and increasing criticism of scientifically sound research have created a pressing need to train the next generation of civic scientists—scientists and engineers who step beyond their campuses, laboratories and institutes and into the center of their communities to engage in active dialogue with their fellow citizens. The Developing Civic Scientist Leaders (DCSL) Program at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy engaged science and engineering graduate students through a Spring 2020 seminar course, where they learned about the federal policymaking process and develop critical leadership skills to advance science as a public good.

Participants attended a weekly one-hour seminar to improve their understanding of public policy and build the communication skills needed to engage policymakers and the general public in their area of expertise. Students learned about the federal budget process and the relationship between science and policy, and develop written materials on a specific science policy topic. This year, we focused on international science collaboration and U.S. competitiveness. The course culminated in virtual congressional visits, where the students discussed their research and policy topic with legislative staff.

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