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National Science Policy Network | July 16, 2020

"Rice SciPol, one of NSPN's newest chapters at Rice University in Houston, TX, recently formed their group and held their first information session and happy hour - virtually! NSPN caught up with some of the founding members (Melody Tan, Robert Laroche, Adam Navara, Kathryn Brink, and Jordin Metz) to learn from their experience and find out about the chapter’s plans moving forward."

National Science Policy Network | Sept 28, 2020

"With the transition to new leadership, NSPN also established an ad hoc State Fellowships Committee to collect and share resources about STEM policy fellowships in state governments. We caught up with Chair Melody Tan about the developing efforts of this new committee. Melody, a Bioengineering PhD candidate at Rice University, has been developing a science and technology policy fellowship in Texas over the past several months and brings a lot of valuable insight and experience to this new committee. "

National Science Policy Network | Aug 18, 2021

"I’ve been interested in government and politics for a while, so I participated in a seminar focused on science policy with the Baker Institute in the spring of 2020 ... Then COVID hit and all of a sudden science policy was front and center in our everyday lives. This served as a sort of accelerant to my interest because I realized that we have these incredible scientific advances, like the mRNA COVID vaccines, that don’t reach their full potential because of poor policies and poor communication. So, I became interested in working on this policy and communication half and advocating for sound science policies so that we can really squeeze every last drop of good out of our nation’s scientific efforts."